Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So far so good....

Okay, so the past two days I have gone to the gym on a regular basis. So two days might not seem like a long time, but it does when you consider that I am literally never home, because of work/school.

Then add on homework, and dinner, and a LIFE. I really feel like I never have time to squeeze in exercise.  I am doing really good so far (for me). It also helps that I have a gym in my building.

I just need to remember that I need to do it, and that is regardless of whether I want to do it or not.

So the point of this blog, what do you do for exercise? What are some fun ideas you guys have that I could try to get in a good workout, but have some fun?!


  1. I love just going for a good walk, around a park and just live life! If you ever need a walking partner hit me up!

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from I am the exact same way! It's pays off but stinks at first.

  3. I am the same way. Time is always my excuse. I am LOVING this awesome weather though, I like being outside rather than the stinky gym.

  4. Girl, I know this sounds nerdy but Just Dance for Wii is super fun! But honestly, I would take advantage of this awesome weather!!